Thursday, 2 January 2014

Gingerbread Houses 2013

The Christmas holidays would not be complete without an afternoon making gingerbread houses.

It's tradition here.

I was thinking that maybe the kids would 'outgrow' it.

But no.

Who is going to walk away from a table covered in candy?

No one in this house.

They were really looking forward to it....they kept asking me when we were going to make them.

I rolled out all the gingerbread the other night.

They were relaxing....watching another episode of the Dukes of Hazard.  I bought them the first 3 seasons on DVD for Christmas....and they have become a little addicted to it.  The first time they watched it, they were laughing at how the boys jump in and out of the car and they didn't open the doors.  I had forgotten about that part....hopefully they don't weld the doors shut on the van.

Anyways....back to the gingerbread houses....

If there is one thing my kids all know how to's use a piping bag.

They are experts.

I'm so proud.

Then Sophie said "Hey look at me Mom!  I'm Boss Hog!"

Lydia wanted to be Boss Hog too.

Good grief....Mr. Boss are a bad influence.



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