Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Snow Day

It snowed last night.

A lot.

The school buses were all cancelled.

We shipped the stockers to Brussels this morning....the ones that were making the hairy fence.

I will miss them.

Not really.

There were snow fights.

And a snow fort.

I made a pan of nainamo bars....or ninami bars.

And then I raided the craft box and searched Pinterest for some ideas.

Sophie and Lydia wanted to make ruffle trees....but really I ended up doing all the work because they can't use a glue gun.  They just bossed me around and told me what to do.

It's cardboard from a Rice Krispies box....shaped into a cone and then covered in green ribbon....I ruffled it as I glued.

Then I made this angel.  The head is just the cardboard from the same Rice Krispie box....and then I used whatever I could find in the craft box and glued it all on.

And it was my sister-in-law's birthday, so I had decorated this cake for her last night.  It was delivered to her today.

Happy Birthday Aimy!

BUT.....the BIGGEST news of all was this....

Sophie lost her first tooth!

Yes, there are already two teeth coming in behind....the front two have been loose for some time now.

Wiggly teeth make me shutter.

I can't stand it.

They creep me out.

And Sophie has the same problem.

This tooth finally falling out was THE BEST.

Now she just has to loose about 19 more?  Am I right?





  1. Her tooth finally came out!!!!! I had to pull one of Polly's on Tuesday, it was so loose it was sitting sideways and she was chewing on it, the sound of her chewing a tooth was NOT fun to listen to. SO glad it finally fell out!

    1. uuuugggg. I can't imagine pulling puppy teeth. People teeth are bad enough to deal with. I wonder about calves' teeth or horses' teeth? So glad I don't have to deal with them. It would be overwhelming.


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