Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ice on the Horses' Trough

Yesterday morning everything was frozen hard.

The pails of water in the hen house.

The water bowl.

The trough.

Even the tap in the barn needed a little help from my hair dryer.

It felt like -20 with the wind chill.

The cold makes doing the regular morning chores just a little harder.....and it takes longer.

As we were finishing up the chores, Jack mentioned that the only thing that he doesn't like about winter is that the water freezes.....but then he went skating on the pond in the afternoon.  Maybe the frozen water wasn't so bad after all.

Today is much milder....and better.  There is a storm coming tonight.

Things weren't quite as frozen this morning.

But the ice on the horses' trough needed to be chipped away.

And the trough needed to be filled again....I miss the hose.  It can't be used in the winter, so I need to fill the pail...several times.....and dump it into the trough.

As the pail fills again, I have some time to talk to them.

Happy horses.


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