Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Pies for the Hunt

It's hunting season.

Everywhere you go people are wearing camo from head to toe with bright, blazing orange vests.

They want to 'blend in' but they don't want to 'get shot'.

It's a pretty good idea.

I headed up to the Ruby Hilton for the afternoon on Sunday to have a visit with the 'gang'.

And I left my three oldest children there.

They were there to try and 'bag' a deer.  I have never understood that saying.  'Bag a deer'....where's the bag?  Maybe shoot the deer....and have it made into pepperettes....and put them in a bag.  That would be alright.  I might eat a couple.  But....'bag a deer?'....just shoot it.

They were also there to eat.

Eating is a HUGE part of the hunting experience.

Some of the best meals are served at the hunt camp.

I took them some pies....and pumpkin cupcakes with buttercream.

But I needed to make more pies.  My Dad also needed pies at his hunt camp.

Luckily, Jack was willing to work the apple peeler.

Sorry....there is no recipe here.  Because there is no recipe.  Even Jack noticed....he said, "Mom, you didn't even measure!"  It's apple pies...you can't go wrong.  Just put some apples, white sugar, brown sugar, flour, cinnamon and salt in a pie shell.


And don't forget the butter....

It's all good.

We ended up making 10 pies.  I needed to get the Cortland apples used up.  I had bought a box and they were starting to get 'soft'.  'Cortlands are the best for pies'....that's what my Grandma always said.

Tomorrow I will be making some more fresh 'rolls'....or 'buns'.....I made some yesterday....but they need more.

And a raisin pie too.

All for the hunters.


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