Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Costume Themes

It's Halloween!

The night to get dressed up and go and visit all the neighbours.

Halloween is fun.

It's even funner if there is a 'theme'.

I've tried a few themes over the years.

How about Santa and Rudolph?

Isn't that the cutest Santa EVER?  YES.  I think so.

Or how about Anne of Green Gables....and a POTATO.

Now that's fun.

Then we did the Wizard of Oz....and even I got in on the action.

And then there was the year of the clowns!

So this year I suggested another theme.  I wanted to let Lydia be Goldilocks and Johanna, Grady and Sophie could be the three bears....and Jack could be the big bad wolf.

But they all just looked at me like I had lost my mind.

There is NO big bad wolf in that story.

Oh yeah.

We aren't doing a theme this year.

But it will still be fun.


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