Thursday, 10 October 2013

Metcalfe Fair

We attended the last local fair for this year on the weekend.  It was the Metcalfe Fair.

Johanna and Jack wanted one last walk in the show ring....for this year.

One last wash up.


And dry off.

And set up.


The two of them showed at exactly the same two different barns.

Which made me run back and some crazy, mad woman....with a camera.


One last walk back to the barn.

They had a good day.

Johanna's heifer is now out in the field.  She will be bred and hopefully produce many beautiful calves for us.

Jack's market lamb was put in the auction sale.

It was bought by a very good lady who donated it to the Shepard's of Good Hope.

Fair season is over.

wait a minute....


I just had to shout that out.



  1. Jack,
    Thank you for your care and attention to raising your 4-H lamb. You are very talented with your animal husbandry and show person skills. When we called the Shepherd's of Good Hope they were so excited about this young man taking the time and effort to raise, train, show and take this lamb to market. They and we are very proud of you. Thank you

    Thank you very much for sharing your music talents with our family and friends at our fair trailer park dinner, It was also a pleasure to watch you in the beef show ring. You and your heifer are very elegant and poised.

    Thank you for your delicious butter tarts and pies. All of our guests at the trailer park post fair dinner party.

    Thank you for helping out with the Regional 4-H Beef show; your marshaling skills and humour are always appreciated and enjoyed.

    Thank you to the Dwyer Family for all there kindness and help with both the Metcalfe and Carp Fairs. Our family truly enjoys your friendship and company.

    Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless,
    The Caldwell's

    1. Awwwwwww....that is the sweetest comment EVER. Thank you for always making us feel so welcome at the Metcalfe Fair. We always look forward to supper at the are always so hospitable.


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