Wednesday, 9 October 2013

A Sunrise

The sun came up one day last week.

Actually, the sun came up again today.

Actually, the sun comes up everyday.


But one day last was just one of those sunrises.

It made me run outside with my camera.

Even though I was in the middle of making lunches....and trying to pack the right containers in right places.

And I was hollering "Did you brush your teeth?"

I was looking for socks that match....even though it doesn't really matter if they match.

But seriously......the camera couldn't even capture the sunrise.

It was one of those things that you just had to be there to see it.

It was just amazing.

It made me stop what I was doing and say 'good morning' to God.

It was that powerful.


1 comment:

  1. Totally agree! There are moments you really want to capture on camera, but can't. You just have to be there. My tiny point and shoot camera couldn't capture the beautiful rainbows I saw on our way back from your Mom's 65th birthday party.


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