Wednesday, 2 October 2013

An Escape

I was busy yesterday.

I made zucchini muffins.

And a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

And a big pot of homemade apple sauce.

The clothesline was full.

I helped Jack and Lydia with their homeschooling.

I did lots of dishes.

The kids came home from school and I just felt that I needed an hour to 'get-away' from it all.

Grady said that he needed to bring in a couple loads of round bales of straw from the field.

Johanna said that she needed to work with her heifer.

I needed to escape.

And that's just what Jack, Sophie, Lydia and I did.

We headed to our maple bush.  Remember when we tapped and boiled in the spring?  Well, this place is glorious in the fall.
The girls brought bags to collect all their treasures.
Not all maple trees are the same.  We have hard maple and soft maple.  This is a leaf from a soft maple.....
The hard maple produce the best maple syrup.  Here is a leaf from a hard maple....
Do you see the difference?  That's your science lesson for the day.  The cows were fascinated by my knowledge.
Here is a tiny new tree just starting out.  I saw lots of them....which is a good thing....a very good thing.

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