Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Some rooster.

We headed to the Carp Fair on Saturday.

With a rooster.

It was to be auctioned off at a special 'old time auction' in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Carp Fair.

Jack had been asked to 'get a rooster' for this event a year ago.  And he did.  He purchased a pure bred Buff Orphington rooster about a year ago and housed/cared for it for an entire year....anticipating this event.

I had a few discussions with Jack about the auction a couple of days before.  I didn't want him to be upset if, in fact, the rooster was sold but we ended up bringing it back home.  He responded with "No one really wants a rooster anyway."....and I knew that he understood.  Then the day before he sort of thought the whole idea was a little ridiculous and he told me that 'the rooster was really only worth $10'....so why was it in this special auction anyway?  I told him that it was just for fun....a good way to raise some money for the fair board.

Meanwhile, the Carp Fair committee was excited about having a rooster for their auction.  They had the sale bill made with a rooster on it.

And another HUGE poster made with Jack's photo along with the rooster.  I took those photos...remember  the rooster photo shoot?

This old time auction wasn't just about the rooster....they had several unique items up for sale.  There was a recess bell, cow bell, school bell, a barber pole and old antique tractor seats...all with 150th Carp Fair marked on them.  There was also a book commemorating the last 150 years of the fair, a poster from the 1913 Carp Fair and a beautiful sketch of the Carp Fair site.

All of the items were on display on Saturday and the sale was to start at 2pm sharp.


The rooster crowed and people all ooooooed and aaaaaahed over him.  He had his photo taken 'several' times that day.

I didn't know that a rooster could bring so much joy to people.  It was really something to watch the people interacting with him.

We toured around waiting for the 2pm sale.  Carp is a BIG fair....there were probably 30,000 people there on Saturday.  It's known as 'The Best Little Fair in Canada'.

And then it was time for the auction.

They auctioned off a couple of the tractor seats and the bells.

Then this owl....carved with a chainsaw.

Then the barber pole.

And then it was time for Jack's rooster.


Sold!  For $500.

Jack was pretty happy with that.

Then they decided to sell the poster of Jack with his rooster.  I nudged Terry and said that we better buy it.

But when the price went above $300, I looked at Jack and asked him if he REALLY wanted the poster...and he said, "Na, doesn't matter."

The poster went for $1000.

And Jack had a moment of fame....at the Carp Fair.



  1. I wish we had been there, $1500 between the rooster and the poster is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I bet Jack was pretty proud :)

    1. He was THRILLED! And then they told him that he could have half of the rooster amount....which is $250! He went on line on Sunday night and bought a cereal mill...and it arrived yesterday. He has been grinding oats for his chicks....it's another blog post to come ;)

  2. WOW!!!!! They split the rooster proceeds with him, lucky boy! Can't wait to learn about the oat grinding and what that does for his chicks.


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