Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Garden Harvest

We had a great garden this year.

Remember when we planted?

And I picked a million-gazillion potato bugs? all worked out.

The potato plants are all dead now.


But there are LOTS of potatoes to dig.

We've been eating them since the beginning of August.

And I'm hoping that there will be enough to last us for most of the winter.

We eat A LOT of potatoes.

The carrots are beautiful this year.

Hello supper!

And the brussell sprouts are SO yummy.

We went ahead and picked the pumpkins.

There was an over abundance of green tomatoes.  They needed to be picked because we are getting a heavy white frost overnight now.  I decided to make some chow chow.

I had never even tasted chow chow before.

But it turned out GOOD.  Really good.  I like it.

I also made some freezer pickles a couple of weeks ago.  But they are in the freezer.  Actually...I think there is only one container left.  They were so easy to make....and even easier to eat.

I love this time of year.

It's so satisfying to look down at your plate and know that we grew/produced everything on it.....from the vegetables to the meat.

I haven't even been to the grocery store yet this week.

But I think we need some bread and butter.

I'm such a slacker.....those are two more things that I could be making myself.......


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