Friday, 6 September 2013

Sheep Dynasty

We went to the Renfrew Fair yesterday.  Johanna, Grady and Jack were showing their lambs in the 4-H Interclub Show.

There were 3 4-H Sheep Clubs there yesterday....all local, fun kids.  There is always a friendly competition every year....not just in the ring showing the sheep....but also in the barn.  Each club does a tie up display and it is also judged.  The tie up display has to have some sort of 'theme'....every year it's always a challenge to come up with something really unique.

This year, they decided on 'Sheep Dynasty'.

They had these camo hats made....


And then every kid in the club took a photo of themselves with their sheep...wearing the hat.....and had it framed.  This was to be part of the display.

Some of them were pretty funny....


Here is a look at the tie up display....

Complete with cat tails and the duck blind....
They called in the ducks at one point...

But they also worked hard in the ring!

Scott had the Grand Champion Market Lamb!

After all the hard was time to announce the winner of the tie up display.

We WON!!

I love these people....they are so much FUN!


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