Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Harry Horne's Quality Peanut Butter

I found this in the hen house this morning.

I have walked by it nearly every morning for a year now and I never noticed it.

But this morning I saw it.

I asked Jack if he had looked at it before and he just said, "Yeah."  He wasn't excited about it.

It's a drinking glass.

With blue spots.

But it has this label on it.

It once contained Harry Horne's Quality Peanut Butter.....100% Pure....from Toronto, Canada.


I remember drinking out of glass 'tumblers' at my Grandma's house.  They were a set that had hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs all over them.  She told me that mustard had come in them.  I remember her telling me that 'back in the day' lots of things came in glass 'tumblers'...and then you just kept them and used them.  People were brilliant....'back in the day'.

I wanted to wash the glass....and I did carefully....because I didn't want the label to come off.

I like it.

There is another label across the back.  It's pretty faded but you can see that it says '100% Pure' and 'No. 1 Sweet Virginia Peanuts'.

We won't be using this glass. 
We will just admire it.
It will remind us of a different time.
When peanut butter came in glass tumblers....

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