Monday, 2 September 2013

My Heart Aches

Sophie asked me to help her this morning.

She was trying to make a hooded coat for a Barbie out of leaves....actual, real leaves that she had picked outside.

It wasn't working out for her.

I convinced her to use felt...she insisted that it had to be green.

She showed me where the arm holes had to go and how to sew it to make a hood around the top.

I had a million other things that I could have been doing....but I stopped and sat with her.

While I sewed, she made the sweetest cardboard wings...she drew swirls on them and cut them out so carefully.

This Barbie was going to become a fairy.

Sophie is so very creative....remember the Tylenol Wrapper Hat.....or the Stuffie Puppies that needed soccer uniforms?

She has made me take her to the river several times this summer so she could collect more rocks to paint.

She is so unpredictable....I never know what she is going to think of doing next.

I really enjoyed our moment this morning....especially because I know that tomorrow morning she won't be here to spend the day with me.

She begged us to let her go to school....and we agreed to let her go.

My heart aches.

I will miss her so.


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