Friday, 30 August 2013

An Anniversary Cake

I received an order for an anniversary cake.

It was to be a white slab.

I asked about colours and she just said 'Silver' was for a 25th wedding anniversary.....and there would be sunflowers.  But there didn't have to be sunflowers on the cake...just maybe some yellow.

And that was it.

The rest was up to me.

The day was hot and the kids wanted to swim.

So we went swimming.

Then we had supper.

I needed to get this cake was going to be delivered in the morning.

I needed to make pies and buttertarts for the was the next day.

I had a lot to do.

I couldn't find the icing tips that I needed and I wasted about a half an hour looking for them.

I prayed to St. Anthony.....and he came through for me.

I found the tips.

But I didn't really have a plan. 

This isn't like me. 

Usually when I decorate a cake I have a plan.

I made some 'silver' icing and just decided to have a party on the cake.  I thought....if these people have been married for 25 years, then they deserve a party.

I don't even know these people.

But I hope that they like to party.

Because I made them a party cake.

And then I added some yellow swirl roses.

And some little hearts.

Because they are in love.

I hope they like their cake.



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  2. Brenda: What a wonderful(and beautiful) cake. Wish I had the courage to try something like that. You are so talented. Deborah

    1. Thanks Deborah! The swirls are easy to do....I've learned to not be so hard on myself (I was always so particular about the mistakes) and just have fun with the decorating.


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