Sunday, 11 August 2013

Saturday Sunset

Just before supper on Saturday night, I heard roaring and grunting outside.

I went to check things out.


The neighbour's boy was getting a little to close for comfort with our lad.  They were letting each other know who was boss.

There was pawing and dust flying....and lots more moaning and roaring.


I said, "Boys, get along."

And went back up towards the house.

Grady was unloading some square bales.


I barbequed.  This was my view.

I think I over planted the garden boxes this year.  Nothing grew last year with the I was just hoping for the best this year and I over planted.

There is an escaped meat bird.  Some of them run around on the lawn....they get out of their pen...but the dog doesn't bother with them, so it's all good.

While I cleaned up after supper and the older kids got out their 4-H show heifers.



And I watched the sun set.  It made all these weird shadows...and the fields all started to glow.


And the moon came out.


And it was lovely.


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