Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sophie's Photos

Sophie likes to take photos. 

I'm always surprised.....or rather delighted...when I look through the photos on the camera card.

I never know what I'm going to see.

This is a peek into Sophie's world.  I didn't edit...or crop any of these photos.  They are just the way she took them.

Barbie.....just chillin' on the couch.

You see this...

then this...

Do you see the difference?  I do.  She moved the shoes around...they are facing the other way.

See the dog.

Let's get a closer look.

It's got a pipe cleaner scarf.  Did you know that you can put pipe cleaner scarves on all puppies...and Barbies too?  It's fabulous.

These puppies are having some lunch.

Now they are visiting this lady.

See the one beside her leg.  Let's get a closer look.

These puppies are actually earrings...that were given to us as a gift.  They rarely go on ears.  Instead, they are mini puppy toys. 

There are several hundred more photos that see has taken.

But I'll stop now.



  1. I love her photos and perspective on things!!! Also love that the earrings turned into toys :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you just want to give Sophie a big hug! She's so creative!

    Hope to see you at the Swinging Bridge Gig on Sunday!

    1. YES! We will go on Sunday! Can't wait to see you all....and baby Joseph. Hope you are all doing well!

    2. That's great! We'll see you there! We'll be driving in to see the family perform, and maybe spending Monday at the farm too!

      We're doing pretty well! Wish there was more time in the day for spending more time with the girls, and getting the cleaning done!

  3. Lily just walked in, she likes the photos too!


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