Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Cobden Fair

We headed over to the Cobden Fair on Sunday.  Johanna, Grady and Jack were showing in the 4-H Interclub Beef Show.  They had missed the sheep show on Saturday because of the parade.

They did well and they had a good day.  They even stayed for the open show in the afternoon.

Of course I ended up in the back of one of these cars again.

And I took about 30 rides on the merry go round.

Then I begged the girls for a break.

We went and watched some of the horse show.

They are so beautiful.  But they are so big and fast.....they freak me out a bit.

This mini class was up next.
Sophie really enjoyed this class.

She dreams of being in this class....and driving the mini and dressing up fancy. 

I can see her doing this someday.



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