Friday, 16 August 2013

I Thought It Was Going To Rain

This morning....or as we say....."The smorning" it was all cloudy.  I was sure that it was going to rain.  I had a wash to put on the line and I wasn't sure what to do.

I checked the weather radar on the computer and it was all clear.

That made no sense.

I hung the clothes on the line and I could see the looked like it was falling way over on the Barr Line.  I was sure of it.

That radar is messed.....I thought.

There was hay...we are cutting second cut now....that needed to be raked.  You don't rake hay if it's going to rain.

Grady didn't know what to do.  I told him to forget about it.  It was going to rain...even though I just put the clothes on the line.

Terry said that the wind was was all going to clear.

He said to watch the cows.  If they get up and start moving around, then go and rake the hay.

Sure enough....just when we were eating lunch...the cows got up and started to move.

After lunch I took Grady to the field to rake the hay.

The sky cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

My clothes all dried nicely.

The hay got raked...and baled.

The cows are really smart.

Smarter than me.

I thought it was going to rain.


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