Monday, 23 September 2013

A Party for my Mom

My Mom celebrated her 65th Birthday this month.  My Dad wanted to have a big party for her...and we all thought that was a good idea.

My sister, Kerrie-Lynn, made lots of decorations.....and our garage became a spectacular party place.



We thought that Mom was going to be surprised....but she wasn't.  My sweet Lydia sort of let the cat out of the bag on Friday.  She was at Mom's...alone...I was at the Farmers' Market...and she mentioned to Mom about setting up chairs in the garage.  I think Mom put the questions to her....and then it wasn't a surprise party anymore.

But it was still a party.


And there was meat.

The most amazing meat EVER.

And there was music and dancing.

And there was fun....

and silliness.

And then we ate....

The most amazing meat.  EVER.


Cake time.

I made her a purple party cake.

I was hoping to get a good photo before it was devoured.

But Finley is the ultimate photobomber.

We gathered all the grandchildren around her for a photo. 
Take a look at Finley.
There's one in every crowd.
These are my siblings with Mom and Dad.
And here we are with our spouses.
And today we are all eating the most amazing leftover meat EVER.


  1. Congratulations Brenda and KerrieLynn and the rest of your family for such a wonderful party....Also, what a nice selection of pictures of your family as a reminder!

    1. Thanks Margo! So glad that you could join us on the special day. The music was great....thanks!

  2. It was a great party! Thanks for inviting us. Lily and Rosemary had so much fun with the cousins it was hard getting them to the car. All the Andrew's grandchildren are such sweethearts. I left with two surprise hugs from Sophie and Kailey!

    1. So glad that you all could come! On the next visit I want to hold that sweet little boy of yours....I was just too busy this time!


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