Monday, 7 October 2013


Our family farm dog Cleo passed away over a week ago.

I wasn't going to post about it but then I thought about it.....and decided that I should.

I introduced you to Cleo when she had pups last fall....remember?

And I have mentioned her again in a few other posts.

So, I figured I should let you know that she is gone.

She was 14 years old....and a big part of our lives.

The kids don't remember her ever not being here....and for most of them she has always been here.

I remember when I'd bring a new baby home from the hospital....I'd let her look into the baby car seat and introduce her to the newest member of our family.

She would be so excited when I'd come out of the house with the stroller....always ready for a walk.

And then as the kids got older, they'd ride their bikes and she'd go with them.

She'd run along beside the sleigh in the wintertime....and the last couple of years she would jump up and ride along with us on the sleigh.

She would sit beside a groundhog hole for an entire afternoon in the summertime...just waiting for the right moment.....and she would be successful most of the time.

She ate what we ate....I had already fed her cheese and chocolate before I found out that dogs aren't suppose to eat those things.

She would bark at every wild animal that came near the farm....and she kept us all safe.  We would hear her late at night barking at the wolves and coyotes.

She was always in a good mood.

She was so gentle with the kids.  They would dress her up or try to ride on her back....and she loved it all.

But she became nearly deaf and blind.

And very, very tired.

Terry buried her beside the lilacs.

And the kids marked the spot.

We miss her.

She was such a good dog.



  1. My heart just broke...sweet Cleo :(

  2. Big hugs for everyone. She must be a very happy dog in heaven knowing she was a big part of the family!


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