Monday, 18 November 2013

The Ruffle Cake

I've been wanting to make a 'ruffle cake'.  It's all over Pinterest and it's so very pretty.

So, on Friday evening I baked a cake.  I decided that this weekend I would try the ruffle cake.

They saw the cake in the oven and asked if I was baking myself a birthday cake.

I guess so.

I had sort of forgotten that it was my birthday the next day.

Anyways, I went on 'you tube' to find the ruffle cake.  Most of them were made with fondant.  I'm not fond on fondant.  Butter is so much it's buttercream for me.

I watched a lady make the ruffles with buttercream.  She started from the top and worked the ruffles down.  I didn't like that idea.

I started from the bottom and worked the ruffles up.

It's really a simple, fast way to decorate a cake.  I used wilton tip no. 104.

Then I wanted to try to make these simple flowers.  I used the same tip and I just put some colouring in the bag of it would be swirly.

There was a dance party going on while I did this.

I put my dancers to work and they decorated a few cupcakes.

They like to make sure that there is sufficient icing on them.

There was no shortage of desserts that evening....

I let them sing to me.

I let them open a can of cherry pie filling and they turned their pieces of chocolate cake into black forest cake.

But I didn't want cake.

I made myself this.

Happy Birthday to me.



  1. Beautiful creations!

    Hope you had a great 16th(wink wink) birthday!

    1. Thanks Susy! It was good to see you all on Sunday!


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