Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Random Conversations

With colder temperatures it means that the kids don't go outside as much.  They rip and tear in the house.
Run around and scream like fools.
I can handle it most of the time.  I just carry on with my chores and block out most of the noise.

But Terry has a harder time.
He came in from the barn the other night and said something like, "Please,  settle down.  You have to stop running." 

And I responded with "Leave them alone.  They are happy and healthy.  Let them rip.  Just be thankful that we aren't sitting in CHEO." 

And then I thought about it....for like 30 seconds....and I said "Wait a minute....if they keep doing what they're doing....we're going to end up in CHEO." 

And he said that that was exactly what he was thinking.

I said to Jack yesterday that I had to stop making pies because I was sick of eating pie.  And then I said NO...actually I'm not sick of eating pie....."I'm fat of eating pie." 

And Jack said "Well, I'm not fat."

He wants me to make more pie.

Yesterday Lydia asked me what 'drinking and driving' meant.

I told her's like drinking a beer and then's not a good idea.

She looked at me and said "Ya, you might spill it."

I knew I had to explain it to her better.

But she wasn't listening.

I started to say, "When you drink beer..."

But she said, "What about people that drink coffee?  They shouldn't do that....they might spill it too."

I was trying to tell her that they had to be careful with their coffee.  But drinking beer is different than coffee.

But she wasn't listening.

She said, "But it's okay for kids to eat while you drive....RIGHT?"

I told her that yes...that was fine.

Then I wanted to stress about the beer again and I said, "When you drink beer it makes you sort of silly and you shouldn't drive."

And she looked at me so as if to say...WHAT are you talking about?


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