Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Five dot dot one five.

The alarm was set for 4:45 a.m. but Terry awoke at 4:30 a.m.

Then he got Grady up too.  It was 'take your kid to work day'.

Then I could hear Sophie walking around.  I called for her and told her to come and get into bed with me.

Then I told her to go back to sleep because it was to early to get up. 

She wanted to go downstairs.

I told her to go back to sleep.

Just as I had drifted back....

"'s four dot dot four seven."

"Please go to sleep Sophie"

"'s five dot dot one five....oh no!  Wait a it's five dot dot one six."

I'm beginning to think I should just get up.

Start my day.  She isn't going back to sleep.  But this bed feels so good.

"Mom, it's five dot dot three four."

uuuuggg.  I should get up.  I've got a busy day ahead.

"MOM!  It's five dot dot five four!"

I wake up at six dot dot two four and realize that she isn't in bed anymore.

I must get up.  I feel like I've been hit with a truck.  I should have just gotten up at 4:30.

I start to make her a chicken sandwich.  It's leftover meat bird and it smells good.

She says that she is not taking a chicken sandwich.  She will NOT eat a chicken sandwich.

I ask her if she wants to take some apple pie.  She says YES!

I pack her the pie and tell her that she cannot eat it until the sandwich has been eaten.  She says that she will eat the chicken sandwich....NO PROBLEM.

I ask her what she wants for breakfast.  She looks in the cupboard...with a great selection of cereals....and then in the fridge.  She says that we have NO food....there is nothing for her to eat. 

I see some leftover bacon and I suggest a bacon sandwich....her favourite.  YES....she says...bacon, cheese and salad on it too.

I make it and she takes one bite and says that she can't eat it.  Her tooth is too hurts to eat it.

I tell her that if she doesn't eat that sandwich she is NOT going to school.  This is a COMPLETE LIE....if she were to stay home she would fight with me all day.....she has been up since 4:30....she IS going to school today!

It worked.  She ate the entire sandwich....without mentioning another word about the sore loose tooth.

And then she happily got on her bus.

And I got on with my day.

Did chores.  Baked rolls.  And a raisin pie.  Played Dominos and 'go fish' and the very hungry caterpillar game and bingo.  Drove Johanna to fiddle.  Made meals.  Washed dishes.  And clothing.  Vacuumed.

If I would have gotten up two hours early......I would have gotten so much more done!



  1. Whoah, Nellie! I don't know how you do it! I can barely get dinner on the table before 7pm. One of these days I will have a clean house, meals made on time, and time for a game or two!

    I remember those days when Lily was three, and I have her tell me the time by reading the numbers! I miss the 'dot dot' days! I was lucky though she waited to maybe six or seven am. Rare for her to wake up earlier than five.

    1. I love the 'dot dot' days. I remember when I was pregnant and exhausted with Sophie....Jack would come and get in bed early in the morning and tell me the 'dot dot' time. My problem is that I can't actually see the clock....because I'm so blind! You will have more 'dot dot' days with Joseph. And don't worry about getting everything house isn't clean! I'd rather play games.


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