Monday, 2 December 2013

The 4-H Banquet

Terry and the boys went on their annual trip to Brussels Livestock on Friday.

The girls and I attended the end of year 4-H banquet on Friday evening.  They have a family pizza party....along with a silent auction and live auction.  They also handed out all the awards for the year.

Luckily everyone had a placemat to kept these two girls busy....

Johanna has completed 24 clubs and so she received a framed print.  It was compliments of Gay Lea.

Jack has completed 12 clubs and received a special t-shirt....I picked it up for him....because he was still on the road.

The trip to Brussels is a long trip.

Actually, it's grueling....takes a lot out of a lad.

Jack has been sick with the flu since Saturday morning....and has been lying on the couch.

Last night I mentioned that "I hope that we all don't get what Jack has."

And Lydia said, "Yeah....'cause we can't all fit on the couch."



  1. It is amazing the words that come out of our little ones. I would never think of something so true and funny!

    Hope Jack is feeling better!

    1. Jack is much better today, Susy. I have my fingers crossed that no one else gets it!


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