Friday, 20 December 2013

Two Cakes this Week

I decorated a couple of cakes this week.

Johanna is in the band at her high school and they were having a Christmas concert.  They were wanting to raise some money for their upcoming trip and they requested a cake for a raffle.

I made this for them.

It was simple....I just used the leaf tip to make the Christmas tree.....and luckily I had some red and silver ball sprinkles in the cupboard.

I see that Google is messing with my photos again....the sprinkles didn't actually light up like that.

But it sure would be neat if they did.

Anyways, someone won it.

Then I made this cake today.

Friends of ours are having their son baptized tomorrow and they needed a cake.

It's pretty neat that they named their son 'Leo Grady' and we named our son 'Grady Leonard'.

So very similar.


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