Thursday, 12 December 2013

Frost on the Barn

It's cold.

I heard the 'thunk' of the frost going into the foundation of the house....actually I heard it twice.

There were frozen eggs on the hen house floor this morning......some of those girls refuse to lay their eggs in the boxes.

I've been lacing up skates here everyday....the little pond is in great shape!

Card games are being played around the kitchen table.  I need to shuffle but Lydia loves to 'serve them up'.  Crazy eights and go fish are her favourites....and she always seems to win ;)

We are checking water bowls and troughs regularly....everything ices over so fast.

The furnace is always being refilled with wood.

We have to remember to plug in the tractors if we want them to start.

We wear layers and layers of clothes.

Snow suits need to be hung up to dry and mittens need to be placed on the vent.

We all seem to eat so much more than usual.  The baked potatoes were so good last night that Sophie had two with her supper.  She said that they were the best potatoes that she had ever eaten....and I couldn't agree more.  All my potato bug picking has paid off.

It's winter.....almost.  It hasn't officially arrived....but it certainly feels like it has.

I hope we get some more snow.

I'm looking forward to getting out my snowshoes.  and the sleds.  and the cross county skis.  and having a bon fire.

This morning I noticed a  thick strip of white frost all the way up from the barn door.  The heat from inside the barn had frozen as the air escaped.  Of course I didn't have my camera to get a really good photo.

But we had to go back over to this barn this afternoon and I tried to get a photo.  The frost wasn't as prominent as it was this morning.

Can you see it?


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