Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Raining, Milking, Pepperettes and a HUGE Egg

It's raining ridiculous out there.  Which is bad news because it's suppose to get cold again and we loosing all the snow.  The fields will be all ice and it will be bad news for that new seeding we planted last year.  No good hay means no good feed for the cows and sheep.  Rain rain go away.  I'd rather it be snowing!

The boys have been milking for a family that went south for a week.  They had never milked there before so last week they had a couple of training days and this week they were on their own.  The alarms have been going off at 4am.  They go down and milk...come home...go to school...come home...go down and milk...have a late supper.  Of course we've been setting our alarm at 4 in case they don't get's getting exhausting.  But they haven't complained at all....not even once.  They don't seem to be tired...they seem to enjoy it all.  I've been making sure the clothes are clean and they are well fed.  Last night when the rest of the world was eating pancakes for shrove Tuesday, I  was outside barbequing steaks.  I knew they'd be hungry and pancakes wouldn't cut it. 

Last night the alarm went off.....beep beep beep beep beep....continuous....not stopping.  On and on.  I was thinking those poor boys are so tired that they can't wake up....I finally got out of bed and as I got into the hallway I realized that it wasn't coming from the boys was the girls room!  And then it quit.  Johanna had got it stopped.  She needed to get up on the top bunk...crawl over Sophie and hit it.  Sophie had somehow turned on her alarm on her clock. 

I got back into bed and Terry then woke up....asking what was going on.  I said Sophie's alarm...I thought it was the boys.  He told me it was midnight....I wasn't even 4am!  I lay there awake wondering if Johanna shut it off or just hit snooze.  Sure enough 10 minutes later it went off again.  I jump up...but Johanna got there first.  I ended up unplugging it.

Back to bed....trying to get back to sleep.

And at 4am I heard the boys alarm.  There was no hesitation.  Up they got and the room light came on.  Those boys....God Bless those boys.  They work so hard.

And God Bless the Dairy Farmers that do it everyday all year long.

It's Ash Wednesday!  I went out to Mass and all the school children were there.  I love it when they are at Mass with us.  Father asked them during his homily what they were giving up for Lent.  They shouted....chocolate! and candy! and PEPPERETTES!

Good one!

Seriously....who can turn away a pepperette?....they are so good!  I've even tried bear and moose and venison pepperettes.  When there's a party...there are always pepperettes.

Look at this for an egg...

We've got an over achiever in the henhouse!  OUCH!


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  1. Pepperettes!!! Growing up I always thought they were strange things....until I met James. They are pretty good thinly sliced and added to a piping hot bowl of fresh spaghetti sauce & noodles!


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