Thursday, 16 March 2017

A Trip to the City and Sweet Sugar

I made a quick decision on Sunday night. I told Sophie and Lydia that we would go into Ottawa the next day and go to the Museum of Nature.  They were excited.

This is out of my comfort zone.  The city.

When we were getting ready the next morning, Jack came in the house to tell me that there was a lambing coming out there.  It was so cold out.

But the girls were looking forward to their day out and I knew that Jack could handle it.

I left the hairdryer, bag of powdered colostrum, and the bottle on the table.  and left.

By the time we got the museum it was 10am and the rest of the city was already inside.  All parking lots were full.

I drove around the building a couple of times.  I knew that if I veered off and went down a different street I would never find my way back....all those one way streets...and I have no sense of direction.

I pulled over at the drop off/pick up and called Terry.  As if he could help me.  I was actually starting to sort of panic.  The city is not my place.  He had little advice for me.  The girls told me that they would just go ahead in and I could sit out at the drop off/pick up.  Ummmm. no.  That wasn't the answer.

I told them that I would drive around one more time.  And on the street there it was....a parking space.  I would need to parallel park....I haven't done that since my driving test when I was 16.  and it was on a one way street and I needed to park on the opposite side.  I had it in my head that I was going to do this.  I tried and then tried again.  And then I asked Sophie to get out on the street and help me.

She did.  We did it.  Together.  And there were cheers. 


All of downtown Ottawa knew that we had arrived.

We went into the madness of the museum.  What a crowd.  And they loved it.

And then we went for Swiss Chalet chicken dinners for lunch. 

And then we went to Ikea and rode the escalator.....and they loved it.

And when we got home there was a lamb in the kitchen.

Twins had arrived and one was good but this one in the kitchen was not so good.  It didn't quite suck right when it took the bottle....but it was drinking.  They had taken it out to its mom but it wasn't working out.

The next morning, Jack brought it in and I fed it and he took it back out to be with its mom.

But when I checked on them the situation was not good.  She was not liking that lamb.  She had completely rejected it and was head bunting it against the wall.  She was being so mean.

I brought it in the house and named it Sugar.  And we gave it love.

Johanna had been away at school all day and missed the part about having a lamb in the house.  We were out at Irish Trivia...because it's Irish week.....when she came home.....and I got this message...

I think she will make a great nurse!

So Sugar is doing well....and hopefully the weather will warm up soon and she can be moved outside.  But for now she is hanging out in the basement....and being treated like a puppy.  She doesn't even baaaa any more....she knows that she will be looked after.

She is so spoiled!


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