Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sugar and Sweetie and the others

We have another bottle fed lamb.

It was born on Friday.  I was away helping the ladies at a funeral luncheon.  I came home and Terry brought it into the kitchen.  It was cold and it couldn't stand up and it was not quite right.  It had a terrible time sucking.  It still sort of does....it needs help.  But it's coming along.  It was one of a twin and the mom is happy with just the one.  So we are looking after the other.

We called it Sweetie and it's been hanging out with Sugar.  They are great friends.

But Sugar likes the attention.  all the attention.

She is very photogenic.

Is she striking a pose?

Whereas Sweetie is like an old lady in a housecoat....wobbly around.

And Sugar is jumping.  Always jumping.

They crack me up.

We do have other lambs.

But they have their moms looking after them.

They jump all around and it's hard to take photos of them.  But if you whistle really loud they will stop moving and it looks like they are really scared....


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