Monday, 6 March 2017

Paint Nite, Curling and Chrysanthemums

It's Monday!  It's another snowday!

We were surprised the smorning when we found out the buses were cancelled.  There was a freezing rain warning in effect....but it wasn't doing anything outside.  It didn't start until 3pm...and by that time the kids would have been home.  Oh well...I enjoy having them here with me!

It was a busy weekend.  I went to my first 'Paint Nite'.  Good times with friends.  Lots of laughs...lots of went to a good cause.  But seriously....does anyone actually hang up their painting on a wall that they made at Paint Nite?  I certainly won't be.  The girls analyzed it the next this water?...what is this?  I DON'T KNOW!  IT'S JUST A VERY UGLY PAINTING!

Sophie and Lydia had their Little Rocks Family Bonspiel on Saturday.  They are nearly done their season of curling.  They are so good at sweeping and throwing those rocks.  At the Family Bonspiel they invite all the parents to have a game on the ice with the kids.  I am no good at sweeping or throwing those rocks. I was concentrating on not falling the whole time!  They were so very supportive....'Good try Mom'....over and over.

So I failed at the painting and the curling but managed to do something right.

I bought a new decorating tip....wilton #81....and I made chrysanthemums!



  1. That cake with the bouquet of flowers is GORGEOUS! When I turned 50 my husband commissioned a cake similar to that and I've never forgotten it.

    1. aaawww....thanks Karen! It was ordered for a 'Grandma's' birthday. They were thrilled with it and said that she would cry when she saw it! I love to make people cry about cake!

  2. Beautiful cake!!! Those flowers look beautiful like a specially ordered bouquet!!!


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