Wednesday, 15 March 2017

St. Patrick's Parade 2017

We paraded!

Terry decided he was well enough to drive the truck.  But I didn't let the girls out to sit on the was a freeze your face off I can't feel my fingers kind of day.  and it was windy.  too windy.

So we paraded from inside the truck with the big barrel on the back of the wagon.

Lots of folks paraded from the floats.  And lots of folks stood out and watched the parade.

They all froze.

We were snug and warm in the can even see the barrel in the back!

There were floats of all kinds.  transports. tractors. cars. trucks. horses. huge pieces of specialty farm equipment.

It was grand.

It was quite a job getting us all lined up.....there were about 130 floats....

The girls considered riding on the back....but the backseat of the truck was so much warmer!

This float was my favourite.  Best ever.

Even the big news team from the city came.  Their story is here.


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  1. Hi Brenda! We just missed I think the first half of the parade! But I was definitely around the second half bringing one or two kids out of the car at a time! The Irish Grovers had me giggling, and still giggling.


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