Friday, 10 March 2017

It's all a blurrrrr....

What a week.

The kids had 2 snowdays....Monday and Tuesday!  It was so icy on Tuesday we couldn't let the cattle out of the barn until about noon.....or they would have all had broken legs!  I was out actually crawling on my hands and knees getting to where I needed to be.  It was scary dangerous. 

And then it melted.

Lydia was sick this week so she only went to school on Thursday.  Today is Friday and it was a holiday of some kind....I'm not sure....but now it's the March Break.

Terry has a respiratory flu.  I thought it was pneumonia but after the 5 hour wait at the ER, the x-rays said no.  I really hope I don't get it.......

This sweet girl had a birthday this week and it just happened to be on dance night.  The girls are getting their routine together to entertain at the Irish Play again this year.

Cousins are special.

It was the last week of Little Rock Curling and I remembered to take my camera!


They had a good year.

The farmhouse has a new kitchen!  Our carpenter left on Thursday afternoon and guests arrived Friday afternoon.  I went into a cleaning frenzy to have it ready!  It really is a huge update but I have no photos because I had no time and my phone was dead.  I still have to paint the trim and tile the ceiling.....but the guests don't seem to mind!  They are here for the parade.

It's the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Douglas tomorrow!  It's suppose to be the biggest and best parade ever as we are also celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday.  I painted up this barrel for our float. 

But it's going to be minus freezing I can't feel my face outside tomorrow so I don't know if we will even go!  And Terry is still sick.  He suggested I take the truck and wagon and go.  But I think I would probably hit something.  We will see.

It's been a blur of a week.  Jack mentioned on Wednesday night that he had signed me up for a parent teacher interview at 4:45pm....for that night....and told me that one teacher said she would be calling if your parent doesn't show up!  I said well I guess she'll have to call because it's 5:45pm right now.  Thanks Jack.  I felt like a twit.  I always go to parent teacher interviews!  But she hasn't called....

I made more of these today.

I'm really quite obsessed with chrysanthemums.


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