Monday, 27 February 2017

Old Drawers, Paper Plates, A Birthday and Cakes

I have been really busy with cakes the last couple of weekends.

And we gutted the kitchen at the farmhouse....the farmhouse that we rent out.  The kitchen was really dated and so was the floor.  We are moving the cupboards from the house that we used to live in over there.  We just moved in December to Emmett's.

So I have cleaned out a lot of cupboards and closets in the last few month.  Purging.  It's great.

I had a whole load of stuff to take to the Sally Ann but I was out of boxes so I just packed all the stuff in all the old kitchen drawers that we didn't need anymore.  The lady at the Sally Ann was thrilled with all the stuff that I was bringing in...and then she said 'won't you need your drawers back dear?'.  I told her 'no'...actually she can have those long as that was okay.  She said it was.

They accept old kitchen drawers at the Sally Ann.

I remember quite a few years ago I had been cleaning and purging and I had bags of garbage and bags for the Sally Ann...lots of clothes that the kids had outgrown...and they were all sitting by the door.  Grady was about 8 years old at the time and he was helping Terry load the garbage for the dump and I told him which bags were which.  There was quite a few bags for the Sally Ann that day and he said 'WHO is Sally Ann...and HOW many kids does she have?'

It was funny.

So with working on the farmhouse and doing cakes and all the rest of life going on....I was feeling a little tired the other night when I was putting the homemade pizza in the oven for supper.  I thought...I'm sure I saw a big stack of paper plates somewhere....I will use paper plates tonight!  But as the pizza baked I was trying to figure out where I had seen that big stack of paper plates.  Was it at the old the farmhouse?  I couldn't figure it out.  I actually think it was a dream.  A whole bunch of paper plates.  That's what I dream about. 

We used the regular plates.  The paper plates were only a dream.

This girl turned 19 on Friday.

And it was a snow day.  It was a snow day on her birthday last year too! Only it didn't snow this year.  There was a freezing rain warning.  Only I don't remember it freezing rain either.

And I had a whole bunch of cakes to decorate.

And by the time I got to Johanna's cake I was worn out...and there was lots of leftover icing from the other cakes.  So I mixed all the different coloured icing up and asked Sophie and Lydia to decorate it for me!

She ended up with a sort a ugly coloured purple green cake...but the decorating was fabulous! She didn't care much about the cake because she got to have a party with friends in the garage.


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