Tuesday, 14 February 2017

St. Valentine's, Marshmallow Igloos and a Doodle Cake

It's St. Valentine's Day!

We are huge celebrators of this day.  HUGE.  Just kidding.

I overheard a conversation last week...

What day is Valentine's Day this year?

I think it's the 14th.

I think that's the same as last year.

I think it's always on the 14th.

Yes....smart little cookies.  They got it.

At breakfast the smorning Jack asked me when Valentine's day was.  I said it was today.  He said oh.

So yeah....we don't really go all out on this one.

But I love going through all the little valentines that the girls collected at school.  Especially Lydia's because she brought home some that didn't even belong to her!  I showed her that some of these aren't actually hers...and she just said that it didn't really much matter.  I guess.

We had a snowday yesterday and we did this....

You have no idea how long it took to set that up!  They just all kept falling down and we'd try it again.

The Annual Douglas Frosty Fun was on the weekend.  So much good community fun!  I went out on Saturday and told them that I wanted to help out....I was willing to do anything.  They put me at the edible craft table!  YES! YES! YES!

I had so much fun helping kids make these....


We also made snowmen and inukshuks out of big marshmallows and licorice and toothpicks.

I made another doodle cake on the weekend.

They requested 'purple....do whatever you want'.

So this is what I did.  I just doodled.


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  1. :) One of these years I will have to ask James to take some time off for Frosty Fun!!! This year was the Winter of Colds in our house!


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