Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Some Small Miracles

The sun is out the smorning!

We haven't hardly seen it in the last month.  Things were starting to feel droopy....

Without the sun, the snow couldn't even melt off the barn right.  It just slowly fell off...this was a few weeks ago.  We were all just hanging on...waiting to see the sun again.

Things were so dark day after day....but now the sun it here!

It's a small miracle.

The other morning I was washing the I do every morning.  One had a really bad crack.  Sometimes I salvage it if it has a crack and put it in a bowl in the fridge with other cracked eggs.  But this one was pretty bad.  And usually I just put it in the compost pail....and move along with washing the next egg.  But I suddenly felt the urge to throw that egg outside.

I went to the doorway and I decided I was going to whip that egg as hard as I could.  Just see how powerful I could throw that egg.  That egg was going to go places. 

And as soon as I released that egg I heard that dreaded noise.  The noise of it hitting the top of the door frame. 

Oh. my. gawd.

Is that egg going to come right down on my head?  It was only milli of milli seconds it all happened and I squinted my eggs....threw my arms over my head....and braced myself for the worse.

And then I heard it land.  On the ground.  Just outside where everyone walks.

It was a small miracle.

It had ricocheted off of the top of the door frame and went out...not down!

I could just hear Terry saying....did you drop an egg?

Ya. That's it.

But he didn't mention anything about the egg.  Maybe it snowed on it.  Maybe the dog ate it.

Another small miracle.

So I cooked this 30 pound turkey on Sunday.  We had been given it as a 'thank you' gift at Christmas time but I just hadn't gotten around to cooking it....and it was taking up a lot of space in the freezer!

It was massive.  We invited my parents over for supper but we could have invited all of Douglas.

It was ridiculously delicious but there was so much meat.  So many leftovers.

I made a huge pot of soup on Monday and yesterday I made 4 turkey pies and put them in the freezer.  And now there is just one container of turkey to eat up.

And when the kids came home from school yesterday and they looked in the fridge for something to eat and saw that most of the turkey was gone....I think that they were thinking....

That's one small miracle.

Because they were tired of eating turkey!



  1. I was SO HAPPY when I pulled open the blinds this morning and saw that bright sunshine! It was so awful when I tucked into bed last night.
    We had a rather large turkey at Christmas. Then the family was struck with illness so we were only four at Christmas dinner. Now your post has me craving it again....but we have SO MUCH pork in the freezer we have to use it up.

    1. And the sun is out again today Karen! What a difference the sun makes....although it is really cold out there too! But I'm not going to complain about the cold...just so thankful for the sun!


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