Thursday, 23 February 2017

Family Day Weekend

We celebrated Family Day last weekend.  I love family day weekend.  It's one of those holidays that you don't have to worry about gifts or decorations or food.

Just grab some hot dogs and marshmallows and drinks and go to the bush and build a fire.

We did this on Sunday with was another sleigh ride day...

I brought along a bag of homemade cookies and when I got them out, Sophie asked if I had brought the icing.  Yes.  Icing.  My kids think that you can't eat cookies without icing.  Someone overheard and said..ya? icing?  did you bring it?  I explained that it's all the icing leftover from decorating cakes...all different colours in one container.  It's not really very pretty.  They  we would have ate it.  No. sorry.  I didn't bring the icing!  The cookies all disappeared anyways without the icing being there!

Then again on Monday we had another fire with just ourselves.

That's the way we celebrate family day.....taking some time to build a fire and eat hot dogs and marshmallows.

Only the kids have really grown.  Before they used to jump in front of me yelling 'take my picture' 'MOM...take my picture of me doing this'.

They don't do that anymore.  Now they look at me funny...why is she taking pictures of us?

Just trying to capture the memories.

These two will still pose for me....


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