Thursday, 14 May 2015

Two Little Pigs.

I was heading down our road last night, on my way to pick up Grady down at the milk barn.  I was sort of in a hurry because I wanted to get there and get back and eat supper.  And Grady had been waiting on me because I wasn't as organized as I expected to be.  I had been making homemade pizzas for supper and Jack had taken Sophie and Lydia outside to find frogs.  I thought that was a great idea.  I could make homemade pizzas without any helpers.  Only Lydia came in the door completely covered in mud because she hadn't followed the path across the rocks and logs that Jack and Sophie had walked on.  She made her own path.  And she was so so mad.  And covered in mud.  And I had to put her in the tub while in the middle of making the pizzas.  So then the pizzas got in the oven later that expected.  And Grady called saying that he was ready to be picked up.  But the pizzas were in the oven and I couldn't just drive away.  I had to wait for them to bake.

So then I left in a bit of a hurry to get Grady and as I drove down the road I saw these two pink things up head on the road.  WHAT.  They were pigs.  And I slowed down and drove around them.  And continued on my way.

And I was thinking....did I just see pigs.  little pigs.  walking down our road.  to our house.  that is too good to be true.  or maybe I'm losing my mind.  because pigs just don't walk down roads to your house.

So I picked up Grady and told him that there were two little pigs walking on our road....heading to our house.  And he looked at me and said WHAT.

I told him that I was pretty sure that I saw what I saw.  Only I was really hoping that those two pigs would still be there by the time we got home.  Or I might be declared crazy.

I mean we have had dogs and a horse and a huge pet goose show up at our house.  But pigs?  That's too good to be true.  I just emailed someone last week wanting to buy a pair of pigs so we could raise them this summer....but her pigs were all spoken for.  And the boys were disappointed that there were no pigs for us. 

But now these two pigs were walking right to our house.  It's not every day that bacon just walks down your road to your house.

Too good to be true.

So...sure enough...the pigs were still there when we got back.  Still walking on our road.  We stopped and said hello to them.  They were so sweet and friendly....and they sort of wanted to follow us.  I told Grady to text Terry and ask him what to do.

But Grady was really hungry and he wanted his supper so I took him to the house and hollered at Jack and the girls to come with me and see these pigs.  Of course at first they looked at me like what....pigs?....walking on our road.  Too good to be true.

I took them to see the pigs.

Jack and I were trying to figure out where these pigs could have possible come from.  If they had jumped out of the back of a truck they would just hit the ground and die.  Yes...that's not what happened because these two pigs didn't look like they had been through any trauma.  They were happy and healthy.

Maybe the Mennonites lost them.  But really....the Mennonites don't drive very fast and if they lost them they would probably notice and just stop their horse and get the pigs back.  As we were discussing this we saw a buggy driving up the main road.  Maybe they were looking for pigs.  So we waited and watched....if they turned down our road then they would be looking for pigs.  But they didn't...they just kept on going.  They weren't looking for any pigs.  So that settled that....they didn't belong to the Mennonites.

Then Grady arrived on the 4 wheeler.  He said that Dad had texted and said to GRAB THEM.

He wasn't thinking straight.  He was thinking about the bacon.  You can't just grab other peoples pigs.  No actually.....Terry thought that they were going to get away and we wouldn't be able to catch them and get them back to whoever they belonged too.

We needed to find out who owned these pigs.

Sophie and Lydia had already named them Wilber and Charlotte.  And they were feeding them potatoes.  We always keep potatoes handy in the van in case there are pigs on our road that need to be fed.

Finally Terry drove in.  He said that he would go over to the neighbours and see if they belong to them.  There is a younger couple that lives across the field.  They've been there for about a year.  They keep to themselves...and go to work...and sometimes they have friends over and they have huge bonfires.  But they are young.....would they be into raising pigs?  I wouldn't think so.

Terry came back with the most unfortunate news.  There was a pen over there with a little shelter.  The pigs had a home.

We called them and told them that their pigs were on our road.

And unfortunately they came and got them.



  1. LOVE this story!!!! Your life is always full of adventure :) I love that you had potatoes handy :)

    1. I know...I couldn't believe it when Jack said "Let's see if they'll eat these potatoes"....I had no idea that there were potatoes back there! Terry had been planting potatoes and there were some left....they were perfectly safe because they were just left over potatoes that we grew last year.


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