Wednesday, 27 May 2015

18 years.

Terry and I celebrated our 18th on Sunday.  We went out for supper.  Alone.  All by ourselves.  We hadn't done that in years.  YEARS.  It was nice.

If I was told 18 years ago that I would have chicks in my kitchen....I picked up the meat birds today!....

And I would feed lambs on my lawn....

And I would talk to men in a feed store about nipples....without even blinking an eye...

Or that I would even shop in a feed store....and say things like "just put it on the bill".

18 years ago I would say that that was crazy.  CRAZY.

But there is so much more....

That's not mud in my mudroom.

And I helped to load a bull into the trailer this morning.

And I have delivered a the middle of the night....all by myself.

And I got really excited on Sunday when the boys texted saying that they had sold all 12 roosters at the bird sale.  Because waking up to the sound of only 3 roosters (that they couldn't catch) is SO much better than waking up to 15 roosters screaming.

Only then the boys came home with a box of chicks.  And I wasn't very excited.  Because those could all be roosters.

And there are hens outside sittin' on eggs and hatching them out.  Yesterday a girl had gotten off her nest and left with her new chicks but then Jack noticed that there was another egg hatching...all by itself.  So of course, he brought it in the house and we watched it hatch out of the egg.  And I've been making sure that it is drinking and eating.....and I got up last night to check to make sure that it wasn't too cold.

It's in my kitchen too.....

Because I'm a crazy farmer's wife.

And my life is crazy amazing.

And I am so very blessed.

18 years.



  1. Happy Anniversary to you and Terry!

  2. hahahaha... that's awesome!!! We'll be 17 years in July. Where does it go?! Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Terry! Congrats to you as well!


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