Thursday, 21 May 2015

Chicks in the Kitchen

That's right.

We were swimming on Sunday.

Sophie was looking for her toque yesterday morning.  It was freezing!

And this was happening.

And the house was so cold.  Terry had to fire up the outdoor furnace.

Because these sweet things were chirping and really cold.

And well.....maybe I was sort of doing the same thing.

So we got the house warmed up.

And we got them upgraded from a box to a plastic home.  Only now they can see us and every time you go near them or walk by them they all freak out and run to the corner of their container.

Lydia has been keeping them company.


  1. Hi, I really like your blog. Love reading about your adventures and life on the farm. I grew up in Chapeau,Que. perhaps you know where that is? I am a bit familiar with your area.

    1. Thanks Alice! So very kind of you to comment! I have been to Chapeau a few times. It is beautiful over on the Quebec side.


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