Friday, 15 May 2015

This Week

This week at a glance....

1. Shaun keeps growing.  We are still bottle feeding him...along with Barry and Garry (or Dickie and Donnie)....there seems to be a discrepancy in the names. 

They all want to be fed at the same time....and that's rather difficult when you only have two hands.  I don't usually go out there unless I have all the bottles made and someone to help me.  But Jack sent Sophie ahead out to feed Shaun while he made the bottles for the other two.....

She handled it all very well.  That girl can do anything.

2. Lydia lost her first tooth.  She actually ripped it out herself because it was a little wiggly.  She did it at the perfect time....she was in the van with Terry and Sophie waiting on a guy to come and load cattle.  Apparently there was blood EVERYWHERE.  It was a good story.  A very good story.  It was perfect because Terry can't handle the sight of blood and Sophie can't handle the loosing of teeth.

She didn't put it under her pillow.  She has taken Sophie's advice and she is going to save up the teeth and then cash them all in.  They will not be getting 100 dollar bills like they think they will.

3.  I made some chocolate cupcakes and Sophie ate one and then made the wrapper into a mini flying airplane.  She can turn anything into anything.  Remember the Tylenol Wrapper Hat?

That girl can do anything.

4.  I've been trying to master a homemade butterscotch pie with meringue.  I tried this recipe here.  I thought I had cooked it enough...I was so tired of waiting for it to get thick....and it was thick...but when it was suppose to be setting in the fridge it turned all runny.  Terry ate it anyway.  So I tried again but this time I didn't cook it on a double broiler.  I cooked it in a regular pot on the stove.  And I made it get so thick that my arm was sore from mixing and there was no possible way that it could get any was that thick.  And it turned out perfect.  That's what Terry said.  And he knows butterscotch's his favourite.

5.  I made this cake to be raffled off at our local library's community yard sale.

6.  Johanna spent a few days in Toronto this week with the high school band.  They competed at Nationals and got a Gold Award.  Woot woot!  But she was disappointed that she missed the Two Little Pigs episode.

7.  The grass grew.  And we cut it.

8.  The rhubarb is ready!  I made a sour cream rhubarb cake of the kids' favourites.

9.  Jack and the girls collected a whole bunch of worms the other day when it rained.  They are all in jars in the fridge.  Lydia asked what those worms do all day in there.  Sophie told her that they squirm around and have fun.  Good answer.

Terry built a dock at the river and they are going to fish this weekend.  I bought them short 'dock' rods and Jack has been teaching them how to cast.

He is also teaching them how to catch frogs.  and play ball.

He's a good guy.

10.  Wild turkey breast meat is usually really dry.  BUT if you slice it up and soak it in some salt water for a few hours and then soak it in Italian salad dressing for a few hours and then you bbq's really good!  We had it with potatoes and carrots and salad but it would be really good sliced up and put into wraps too.  Just sayin'.


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