Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cropping, Mudroom, Lambs and Youthfulness.

Terry and the boys are putting in the crop.  I haven't taken any photos this year.  It's the same as the other years.  You can see it here....or here.  The only difference is that it's a different field this year.

I cleaned the mudroom today.  It was beyond.  BEYOND.

On the weekend, a friend came to pick up a cake and Terry asked me what she said and I said that she said that it was incredible.  And he she saw the mudroom. 

NO.  She hadn't seen the mudroom.  She was talking about the cake.

But after I cleaned the mudroom today, I ripped out the floor.  So now it's much better...only I need to go to town and get a chunk of flooring. 

And I found a pair of scissors.  That was the best.  You can never have too many scissors....actually you can never find scissors around here.

We are bottle feeding three lambs now.  There was another set of triplets last week and the mum only had enough milk for one.  It's all a big wrestling match when you try to feed them alone....because Shaun is ridiculously big and wants to drink all three bottles.  So I'm fighting him off as I try to feed the two little ones.

I think that Shaun thinks that he's a dog.  Only he doesn't get out of the way when you try to walk...sort of like a cat.  It makes life interesting when you have a huge basket of clothes and you are trying to get to the clothesline.

There is this new website that guesses your age.  You can try it out here. It's completely ridiculous...

Apparently I DID give birth to Grady when I was just four years old!

And then there is this one....

I'm actually younger than Grady (I'm the same age as Jack)....and my wittle bruther is much much older than me!

AND we needed to use the fire extinguisher on the bbq tonight.  I was in a complete panic and Terry arrived from the field just in the nick of time.  As we were saying grace we said a special thank you that Terry McHale wasn't here tonight having supper with us....he's the Douglas Fire Chief.


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  1. Susy Helferty9 May 2015 at 01:38

    I totally understand about scissors. I have a designated spot up high & away from kids....but 70% of the time I put them down somewhere quickly as I'm off chasing Joseph.

    The age website was close for Sophie & Lydia....but was as you say 'ridiculous' when it came to everyone else! How does it feel to be '26'?


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