Wednesday, 20 May 2015

River Run 2015

We headed to the river on Sunday.

To relax.

And fish...from the new dock!

And wait. they come...

It was the Annual River's been a spring tradition here for about 25 years.

Homemade rafts, canoes, a rubber dingy, boats....anything that will get you down the river.

The water was a little low this year and many of them had a hard time getting across the set of rapids at our place.  USE THOSE MUSCLES BOYS!!

We had a few rescues.

And we sort of ended up having a party.

These two guys were so funny.  They came down in their boat with a boom box blasting...and I mean blasting...and they were talking to each other...or rather trying to talk to one another.  They were having a conversation but they were shouting and they were completely oblivious to all of us standing on the shore.  Until we hollered at them.  Then they noticed us...

I felt sorry for this girl in the bikini....she was the only one to get off and pull and push the raft across the rapids.  All the guys on the raft with her just stood around and watched her do all the work.

So much fun.  Good memories.


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