Friday, 1 May 2015


Terry needed his suit pants fixed.  He decided that they are too short.  He actually decided that a long time ago but he just never got around to doing anything about it.  I can't fix suit pants.  So he took them down to Gloria to get her to fix them.

I can't actually say the name Gloria without shouting it in a weird accent.

And I've got to say it a few times this week.

Because I needed to call GLORIA.

and GLORIA called back.

GLORIA called....your pants are ready.

The kids didn't get it.

What is up with her and the way she says GLORIA?

So I got them up-to-date this I was making lunches.  I youtubed it and blasted it....because Terry was outside.

And now they understand. 

This song is classic. it's gold.

Lydia said that she looks like Daisy Duke!  And Sophie mentioned that she wished that it was still the 80s.

Yes....they understand.

Of course Jack and Grady just looked at me like I had lost my mind.

Anyways...what is it with names in songs?  It just makes you want to change your name to GLORIA.

My two best friends growing up were Lisa and Julie.  When I'd have them over to Dad would sing this to them...

A little creepy...when you are 7....but seriously....the song had both of their names in the song.

There was a song about 'Linda' and my Dad would change it to 'Brenda' that was special.  But for some reason I can't even remember the song.  Maybe something about leaving her in Kingston.  I don't know.

And then to have the name Carlene.....yes please.

Oh and I must get my phone number changed to 867-5309.


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  1. Susy Helferty3 May 2015 at 00:03

    Oh, we need a video of Sophie & Lydia singing to "Gloria"!!! Maybe they'll even feel like dressing like 6-9yrs olds from the 80's!


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