Monday, 1 December 2014

Cake in a Jars

I made up some Cake in a Jars on Friday.  I hadn't made them in quite awhile.

We were going to a couple of events on the weekend that needed raffle prizes/silent auction items, and so I thought I would contribute.

People had been disappointed at the market during the summer when I hadn't been making them....I just didn't seem to have the time for some reason.....and I learned that pies sell faster.  So I stuck with the pies....but the Cake in a Jar fans were upset.

So I baked a big chocolate cake....enough for plenty of leftovers for the kids....because the kids haven't been getting the baked goods around here lately.

And I whipped up the buttercream.

And I bought these sweet holiday sprinkles.

And I jammed them all in the little jars.

I made a few with cherry pie filling too....that was always the favourite flavour at the market......making it 'Blackforest' cake.

Jack had his heart set on getting that Blackforest one at the 4-H Banquet.

And lo and behold they pulled his name.....and he won it.

Lucky boy.



  1. I have a bunch of little cousins who would love to give this a go.

    1. That's great Rachel! Have fun with can make all different flavours of cakes and all different fillings for the middles too! Kids just love them.


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