Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Ottawa Valley Headcheese

Terry's mom makes headcheese.

The guys at the hunt camp look forward to it every year.

I can't seem to eat it....or smell it.  My kids can't either.  I call it shiny meat.

It's like jello and meat.  Together.

But there is something about headcheese and men...

Just within the last couple of weeks, a few different guys have asked Terry if he would get his mom to write down that headcheese recipe of hers.

And she did.

And I need to share it.

She says that it's just her own version of an imitation's not 'traditional' headcheese.  She is actually on a search for a 'Traditional Headcheese Recipe'.

But I believe that she already has it.

This is traditional.  This is authentic.  This is the real deal.

Ottawa Valley Headcheese.  Including 'tips' on the reverse side of the page.


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