Friday, 19 December 2014


We have had a busy week preparing for Christmas.

We all attended the penitential service on Tuesday night.  Sophie made her First Reconciliation.  So proud of that was such a special night.

Wednesday was a little crazy...not only was it Jack's Birthday but also the day of the Christmas Concert at Sophie's school.

THIS.  This is Christmas....

The Christmas baking is done!

These whipped shortbreads are my weakness.....a whole pound of butter in one batch....melt in your mouth goodness...

Chocolate cake balls....

And toffee bark....aka crack...

There is also ginger cookies, coconut macaroons, nainamo bars, marshmallow squares (with the social teas), skor squares and buttertarts.  There might be more....I have forgotten.  Much of it will be given as gifts but I made enough for us too.

Up next....
the making of a float for the Christmas parade on Sunday.
get the tree in and up and decorated.
do some shopping....and then some wrapping.

AND....Secret Santa is a go around here again.  Sophie got us all organized last night.  We picked names and she made a sign....
"dote let anyone no who you have.  Spred Christmas Cheer.  Have fun!  Let's start now!"
I think she might be a motivational speaker....
I hope it works out this time.



  1. Sophie's quite the angel! Happy Belated Birthday to Jack! Those cookies look delicious!

    Merry Christmas to the Dwyer's!!

    1. Merry Christmas Susy! Hopefully we will get to see you all sometime over the holidays! Enjoy the season with the kids!

    2. : ) Busy night last night! We didn't get a chance to speak, but we saw your family throughout the Mass last night! The first three have grown up so much since I first met them, and Sophie & Lydia are growing up just too quickly!

      Merry Christmas Brenda! I hope you're enjoying all that the Christmas season offers!


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