Thursday, 18 December 2014


Yesterday, we celebrated Jack.



So hard to believe.  Now there are three teenagers in this house!  EEEEK!

He requested a leg of lamb for supper.  And a shrimp ring.  And blackforest cake.

He has an interesting 'palate' for a thirteen year old.  Johanna was home from school one day with strep throat and Jack unthawed lamb chops for his lunch....marinated them in rosemary, garlic and onion.  He fried them up himself and warmed up some whipped potatoes.  Johanna asked if he ate like that everyday....and I told her no....not everyday.  But he is quite a chef.

Terry bought a bottle of pure prune help with his constitution....and it just happened to be in the fridge.  Jack got it out, poured himself a glass and drank it down.  Didn't even flinch.  I guess the look on Terry's face told him that something was up and he asked "WHAT....was I not suppose to drink that?"  Terry told him that he could drink it if he wants....but really why would you want to drink prune juice just for fun?

He is an interesting lad indeed.

He is still designing his barn floor plans.  But he has upgraded.  Those little sheets of graph paper just weren't cutting it.  I bought him an industrial size roll of graph paper....the kind that an architect would use.  He rolls it out right across the living room floor.....AND he not only designs the barn to size but now he estimates the entire cost to build it.  He is always calculating something.  It's really quite amazing.


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  1. Quite the interesting lad he's growing up to be! Imagine in just a few more years!


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