Friday, 12 December 2014

Recap of the Week

This was a busy week.

There was all the usual stuff....with a bit of Christmas on top.

The kids thought it would be fun to play 'secret Santa' here.  So we picked names.  But no one can keep a secret.  So we picked names again.  But no one can keep a secret.  So we picked names again.  This happened about 5 more times.  We called it off.  Forget it.  There is no secret Santa here.  No one can keep a secret.

We got some snow yesterday...enough to cancel the busses.  The kids skated on the pond and played in the snow and I baked for most of the day.  Baking for a like therapy.  It was heavenly.  And when I asked them to make some pizza crust for supper, it was Jack that volunteered.  I came home to the most amazing pizza crust ever.  How did he do it?  He's not sure.  My recipe book is so messed.  He said there was one recipe in ink and then another recipe beside it in pencil and he didn't know which one to do so he sort of did both.  I told him the numbers in ink are the regular recipe and the numbers in pencil are when we have visitors and we need more crust.  Oh.  It was beautiful.  And he will be making it again.  And he will open a pizzeria.  I hope.



  1. Beautiful pictures!

    That must be a special day to have everyone with Grandma Andrews!

    1. It was special Susy! She will be 93 next month! We love her SO much.


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