Thursday, 27 November 2014

Cookies and an Interview with the CBC!

The Annual 4-H Banquet is tomorrow night.

They asked me to make 800 cookies to serve for dessert.

I said "YES"....I can do that!  Easy peasy.

They asked me about 2 months ago....and they suggested I make them up in batches and freeze them.  This would make it easier....and cookies freeze really well.

That was a great idea.

Terry asked me on Tuesday morning....How many of those cookies do you have baked for Friday night?

Uuuummmmm.  None.  Could you pick up 9 pounds of butter?

He did.

He's my hero.

I've been emailing him the 'list' of the day....and he's been coming home with the goods.

Chocolate chips.  Oatmeal.  Eggs.  More butter.  More butter.

I baked 534 cookies yesterday.

And while I was interview with CBC Canada Writes Blogger Series went live.  LIVE.

When I got home and got the smell of cookie off of me.....I checked my emails and there were messages and tweets....people were tweeting about ME.

That's crazy.  And I don't even know enough about twitter to thank them.

But thank you.

Thank you for all the lovely messages and comments and 'likes' and 'shares'.

It's fun and exciting. 

And if you are new here, I'd like to welcome you to my little world.

The interview is here.

Now....back to my day....I need to make 266 more cookies.


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