Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Unwanted Rooster

On Monday morning, my neighbour, Mary Alice, heard 'cock a doodle doo'.  Only she didn't have a rooster....or hens.

Somehow, overnight,  she became the owner of a lovely barred rock rooster.

She put out the bowl of cat food...for her cats....and he helped himself.  The cats were not impressed.

She called around and stopped by at the Mennonite neighbours to see if anyone was missing a rooster.

But no one was.

And she really didn't want him.

So we took over our dog cage...that we use for transporting hens....and he happily got himself trapped in it....and we moved him over our farm where we keep the hens.

Yesterday morning, Lydia and I went over to do the chores.  As I was carrying a pail of water up to the hen house, he followed us.....and then he ruffled up his feathers.....and he jumped at me.

I screamed and dropped the water and grabbed Lydia and ran.

Because he has a sharp beak and claws.  And I don't.

But I think I might have kicked him.

I'm really not sure because it all happened so fast.

Johanna taught her fiddle and step dancing lessons over at the house last night.  He perched himself in the hedge right beside the door and she met all her students with a broom.....just in case he got any crazy ideas.  Luckily, he behaved.

And this morning he was good too.  He did ruffle his feathers at me but I told him that I was the boss.....and we all got along just fine.

But I'm still going to watch my back.

Because he always seems to be watching ours....

He was the unwanted rooster....and I'm not too sure if I want him either.


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